New Retail Ethos, LLC – Jeffrey McNulty


New Retail Ethos, LLC is a business and management consultancy firm which assists retail organizations/businesses (regardless of size, scope, or niche) with alleviating and addressing common “Pain Points” through all facets of consumer insights, anticipatory intelligence, and retail research across numerous categories. WE PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE RETAIL ASSESSMENT OF YOUR BUSINESS THAT INCLUDES: looking for opportunities to increase revenue, addressing operational inefficiencies, offering innovative concepts that increase market share, drastically improving employee/customer engagement, auditing social media accounts, and suggesting merchandising concepts that generate increased profitability. We deliver bespoke services to match the needs and aspirations of your business.

Our website address is www.newretailethos.com

Our email address is: [email protected]

Our phone number is: (Toll free) 844-669-2888 or (Local) 920-888-2118

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