TheWeatherneck System – Brian Davis – Creator

Using Crowd Funding to grow an idea. Brian has used Crowd Funding as a way to develop. and promote his innovative products.


The Weatherneck System pairs our new “The Mullet Hat” and a re-designed face shield that uses magnets to create the world’s only quick, clean and quiet modular balaclava.

What does that mean? You can separate the face shield from the hat by ripping it off with 1 hand in 1 second and it is 100% silent. Sometimes its the marginal improvements that matter.

The Expected launch on Kickstarter is slated for November 1st.

Fix It Sticks were the brainchild of Brian Davis, an avid cyclist who became frustrated with the common multi-tools he carried in his pocket.

After experimenting with numerous tools, he found they all had the same problems — compact tools gave you no leverage, and tools that gave you leverage were not compact enough. He figured there had to be a better way.

Numerous sketches, prototypes, and manufactured parts later — the Fix It Stick was born!

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