Don Grissman – Owner – Midwest Workwear


There are all sorts of companies selling the same products as we do; this law is apparent in all types retail. The experience that I have aquired throughout my many years of business has led me to believe that the quality of service is what will separate a company from the rest of the field. This customer focused mentality is what what Midwest Workwear will always prioritize. We have a staff of 12 to 14 people that are knowledgeable in the products we sell and are happily available for contact regarding questions. We also have a toll free phone number 888-923-9675 for any questions about the products or concerns a customer may have. Our motto is to treat the customer with the same respect we desire to be treated. http://03152012-biztalk.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/biztalk2013-07-27.mp3