Kick Ash Baskets – Sifting the ashes from charcoal grills

Featured Guest:

Chad Romzek, Kick Ash Baskets

BizTalk Air Date: August 17, 2019

Learn about franchising and using social media to start a business. We started our business in back in 2013 and launched our original website in 2014. Since then we have been Kickin’ Ash & Makin’ Flames with our Pork Butt business plan of growing Low and Slow to make the best product possible for our Kick Ash Fans. Our plan is to tell stories about our business and how we started, obstacles we’ve encountered and things we’ve learned. We’ll have some recipes on here as well with some definite Cheese Curd fun for sure. I’ve lined up some guest bloggers to get help out with input from friends we’ve met through our Kick Ash journey. Additionally, we’ll share our travels and grilling adventures with family, friends and neighbors.

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