Terry Pinch

Originally from Canada, Terry has worked in Canada, the USA and Europe. Terry’s education includes, a community college diploma (Canadian for an associates degree), a social sciences degree, an accounting designation and a masters degree, As a graduate student, he worked as a teaching assistant and a consultant with small businesses. After a thirty year career, primarily in Consumer Packaged Goods, he had the opportunity to go back to working with small businesses as a mentor with Fox Cities Score.

In 2018, after mentoring with SCORE for a year, Terry started to make occasional guest appearances as co-host on Biztalk, He then became the permanent co-host in the summer of 2018. Primarily because no one else applied.

Terry and his wife Kim have been married for twenty eight years, living in the Fox Cities for about 18 of those years over two different stints. They have three children, all of whom were brought up to respect others, cheer for the Montreal Canadiens in hockey, and in football, to be polite to Green Bay Packers fans.

In addition to his role as co-host, Terry helps find guests for the show, plan for guest appearances and develop new ideas for show segments.