Duane (Bob) Gabel – SCORE Mentor

Has spent over 5 years as sales engineer for an air conditioning manufacturer, over 30 years as a mechanical contractor and professional engineer, over 5 years in rental real estate.


BizTip — Paul Tilman

Always protect your customer Base. Never loose contact by inserting middlemen (Distrbutors )
Always ensure that your employees sign a Non Disclosure agreement . covering your customer list
and your proprietary methods and processes of running your Business.Never assume that your employee’s
will have your best interests at heart. If they leave you they may well think they can take your business with them.
A once a year reaffirmation NDA is a great tool for your personnel files. Paul Tilman


Paul Tilman – SCORE Mentor

Intellectual Property Specialist

Experienced Team Leader with proven ability to demonstrate success in process and product development programs. Familiar with all aspects Research and Development and able to work intimately with Marketing and product development teams.Has authored over 51  patents with 39 published applications .    Considered “Expert witness” in ITC  and  Federal  hearings.  35 years in depth experience in Flexible packaging.





Kurt Heling

The choice of business entities is most important, do not make it alone.