History of Jim Rosetti

The radio show BIZ TALK began in 1991 in Boca Raton Florida. Jim Rosetti, the founder of BIZ TALK had a radio show entitled “Spotlight on Marketing” that aired on what was then WNN 950am out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The station was later sold and the broadcast studios were moved to Boca. Jim had been hosting a TV series entitled “Start Your Own Business” that was carried nationally on PBS television stations in many cities around the country and Jim became a resource to many small business owners that watched and listened to his TV and radio shows and read his books.

Jim Rosetti also had a marketing consulting and infomercial production company and at that time had just authored a book entitled “Bootstrap Marketing, Streetwise Strategies” Jim also had a good relationship with Jay Conrad Levenson the author of “Guerilla Marketing” Jay was a frequent guest on Jim’s marketing radio show and an advisor to Jim’s company, American Marketing and Promotions, Inc. The radio show broadcasted throughout the South Florida area and one of the listeners was the Director of the Small Business Development Center at Florida Atlantic University, himself, a very entrepreneurial individual.

The SBDC director very much liked the show and felt it could benefit many SBDC clients and the new wave of entrepreneurship that was then sweeping the country. He asked Jim Rosetti to join the SBDC staff and do the show as part of their curriculum. He also wanted to use the show to bring visibility and awareness to the SBDC network nationally. The plan was to nationally syndicate the show and invite SBDC’s nationwide to participate by bringing the show into their respective markets by way of satellite syndication. So for the next four years Jim hosted the show every evening at 9 – 11 EST to 35 markets around the country and those markets were increasing as more radio stations started airing the show, by the time the show stopped airing the reach was up to 65 stations nationally and growing.

By 1996 BIZ TALK was growing in popularity but the SBDC felt that it could no longer dip into its budget to keep the show alive. The director that helped bring the show on board was replaced by a new director that was more into academia than entrepreneurship and felt the show had to go. So by 1995 BIZ TALK was off the air and Jim Rosetti had left the SBDC. Jim stayed on the air hosting another radio show and had put BIZ TALK on the shelf for the time being. Jim continued to be actively involved with his infomercial production company and stayed plugged into the small business community always looking for new and innovative products for his infomercials. Jim also stayed involved in helping small businesses with start-up and expansion capital needs.

In 2000 Jim Rosetti moved to the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin and became involved with the Fox Cities SCORE chapter as a way to continue to serve and stay involved with the small business community. After a time as a SCORE counselor Jim decided that it may be time to take BIZ TALK off of the shelf and roll it out in the Fox Cities as there was nothing like it out there and entrepreneurship was still a growing segment of the economy. Jim had presented the idea of a radio talk show on entrepreneurship to the SCORE chapter but the idea was met with a lot of opposition by the members. One big concern was, who would pay for it ? Jim assured the members that BIZ TALK could not only be a great public forum for SCORE and a great resource for a knowledge and motivation hungry small business community but there were entities that would pay to sponsor such a show. So, with some reluctance and definite apprehension they said go ahead. So Jim went out and approached sponsors that enabled the show to get started. Today BIZ TALK is going on its seventh year on the radio with long term sponsor relationships and a committed listening audience.

BIZ TALK has become a staple in the Fox Cities and is soon moving toward national syndication. BIZ TALK has found a great partner with the Venture Center and other SCORE chapters from around the country have expressed a strong desire to have the show come into their markets that’s why the push to go national with the show. We invite you to view the four minute video on the early days of BIZ TALK as it was rolled out in 1991 in the South Florida market. Incidentally that TV and radio market consists of Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami and is 10th in size of markets in the United States.

BIZ TALK floundered in its early start-up days in the Fox Cities but it continued to stay focused and had sincere commitment and staying power much like the journey of small businesses that need a dream, a written plan, a lot of perseverance and shear determination to go from a fledgling start-up to a solid “long-term” meaningful specific on firm ground. ENJOY THE VIDEO PRESENTATION.